Calculating Slope From 2 Points *with tables*

Finding the slope seems to trip students up every year, even though we work step-by-step through the different variations.  Students seem to master each individual piece (*EXCEPT maybe the slope formula... hence, this blog post!  We'll get there...).  We always have great conversations about types of slopes, making connections between all the different representations: special … Continue reading Calculating Slope From 2 Points *with tables*

Prime Factors *with cakes and ladders*

Prime factorization with factor trees (actually, using factor trees in general), in my opinion and experience, is the WORST!  Organized kids can usually keep track of what they need to, but many struggling students lose "branches" of their trees and forget that they still need to factor composite numbers like 6.  If a kid learned … Continue reading Prime Factors *with cakes and ladders*