My First Blog Post

What better way to use tomorrow’s delayed opening than to begin a blog that contains all of my best teaching ideas?!  While I had the best of intentions to begin this process over winter break, these projects often occur more organically for me.  As in, I HAVE TO FINISH EVERYTHING TONIGHT!  Not really, but I get excited about my lesson plans for the next day or when talking to my coworkers about strategies that have really worked for me.  *That’s* when projects like this are born.

So, instead, I spent winter break hanging out with my family and wandering around New York.  This is a view of Manhattan from Brooklyn – the first time I’d ever been!

Broolyn Sunset

Back to why you’re really here.

My goal for this blog (and for 2018!) is to gather all of my best lesson plans and teaching techniques, and provide them as a resource for anyone who might benefit from my process.  I intend to use this website to describe my methods and post pictures of my activities, linking these descriptions to Teachers Pay Teachers files available for purchase/download.  Also, my students will tell you that I thrive on torturing them with math songs; so ultimately this blog won’t be complete until I have provided you with the links to said music videos.  (Warning: I am not a singer by trade.  Lucky you!)

All that said, I’m new to blogging and TPT so it may take a bit of time for me to get this up and running.  While I *do* hope to convince you, my reader, to teach solving equations with rivers and that foldables are the, ultimately this is for the kids.  I want kids to truly enjoy and understand mathematics, and hope that I can spread that joy and possibility in some small way.


-Miss Elsie

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